“I hate your stupid face.” “It can’t be that stupid,” he answers, “it likes your face.”

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Lieux de memoire

That moment when you finally cave and go on a date with this boyishly handsome French nomad;  he is in town only for a week. He speaks six languages and is currently learning his seventh. His appetite for adventure rivals your own. You agree to meet for lunch, it turns into dinner, then becomes a night […]

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Darkness and Space

“I’m walking through the night between two villages; over the fields, no lights, only stars.” C tells me. One day, you will walk between two villages in the company of stars whose light has traveled hundreds of years across galaxies to reach you; to bear witness as you in turn reach for another hand – […]

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“It’s not that I hide,” I tell him, “I’m just not used to being seen.”

“What do you mean by being seen?” he asks. “Is it strange that a man wants to get to know you and not just look at you?”

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Thank you.

For the luxury of changing my mind, my opinions, and beliefs about the world.

For the understanding that value and worth are not dictated by the external world.

For the appreciation of a steady hand. For your integrity; when it was needed, your draconian measures.

For the bullet through the brain. For the arrow through the heart.

For the pressure. For all that you demanded of me, and demanded me to be.

For never treating me like a child, even when I was acting like one.

For making it clear to me that one can be born into obscurity; one does not have to live out one’s days there.

For letting me go. For knowing better than I did; that it was time to let go.

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One day, you are – by some fluke – early for your flight. You have checked in online, packed your signature leather weekender [properly this time], and still have 3 hours to kill at the airport. Being a creature of habit, you return to old haunts; you grab a chai latte and head for the bookshop. […]

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Second Cup

It was a little past midnight and we had been talking for hours. The cups sit on the table – now cold and empty. “It’s a shame that I am leaving.” he says. “It is, very much so. But you won’t be forgotten.” I reassure him. “You are the only bright thing I ever found […]

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